Fall News

Dear Friends and Neighbors:
Another beautiful fall in Lakeport! As we watch the leaves turn and drift to the ground, feel the air begin to chill, and watch our children trade short sleeves for mittens and caps, we begin to relish the thrill of the season to come. Yes, the holidays are upon us! And lest we lose one another in the hubbub, a few items of note in our community:

Congratulations Katie Eichler Jones!
Congratulations to our own Katie Eichler Jones, the new Executive Director of Reston Historic Trust. A native Restonian, we are proud to have her here in Lakeport!

Join the Dock Committee!
As Lakeport continues to advance on plans for the dock, we encourage our neighbors to be a part of the process. Please consider joining the Dock Committee and helping us design and rebuild a Lakeport treasure. If you would like to join the Dock Committee, please email secretary@lakeportcluster.org.

Tree Trimming
Our cluster is in the process of getting bids on much-needed tree trimming. The trimming will focus on branches that could be a hazard to homes, people, and the tree as a whole. We will also trim trees to help with the overall appearance of our community. We will circulate a list of trees that will be pruned when it has been formalized. A comment period will be designated before the work is executed. A Tree Trimming Committee has been formed; if you would like to join the Tree Trimming Committee, please email secretary@lakeportcluster.org. Let's work together to make our community safe and beautiful!

Welcome New Residents!
We have many new neighbors in our Lakeport community!  Let's give a warm Lakeport welcome to:  Diane Zoukis; John McKee; Ruth Van Veldhuizen & Marshall Gilbert; Angela & Nelson Kuan; James & Jacqueline Fulginiti; John Cochran; and Bharati & Devdutta Bhosale.
Please, say hello to these new neighbors, and share a smile, a recipe, a story, or just some good will. Let's show our new friends what Lakeport is made of!

Holiday Light Competition
Again this year we will be holding our annual Lakeport Holiday Light Competition! This is an exciting event that enables us all to show our holiday cheer, all in the spirit of friendly competition. Lights go up any date after 11/28/13 and must be removed by 1/15/14. Voting is done via email the week of 12/16. Votes will be tallied and a winner announced on Sunday, 12/22. The winner of the Lakeport Holiday Light Competition receives bragging rights and a trophy!

New Storefronts at South Lakes Shopping Center
We're happy to welcome Fusion Fitness 360 to South Lakes! They will be taking the storefront formerly occupied by Pet Value, near CafeSano's catering. In other news, word on the street is that Lakeside Inn storefront has a new renter! We will be happy to welcome the new eatery! The buzz says the new spot will offer "upscale American fare."

Friday Happy Hour
We are looking for a volunteer to host our November/December TGIF! These little parties are a great way to meet and greet your Lakeport neighbors. The happy hours usually run from 7pm to 10pm, and guests are asked to bring wine, snacks, or beer to share. If you would be willing to host our Lakeport crowd in your home this November or December, please email secretary@lakeportcluster.org.

New Email System and Website
The Lakeport Board would like to thank Tom Barnett, (1955 Lakeport Way), for his volunteer work on our email system and website. Tom is working to bring us in to 2014 with a new sleek look, and a more efficient way of communicating online. Thank you for your time and effort, Tom! You can see our  new website at www.lakeportcluster.org. If you have suggestions of things you would like to see on our Lakeport website, please email (you guessed it!)secretary@lakeportcluster.org.

Thank you,
The Lakeport Board

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