New Lakeport Board – New Officers

The new Lakeport Board had their first Board meeting earlier this month. During this meeting the Board selected the Board’s officers for this coming year. The Board meets every month and all resident are invited (please RSVP to a Board member) to discuss any item with the Board. The date of the next meeting (November 13th at 7PM) is located on the front page of our website If you can’t attend, you can also contact any Board member with your suggestion/concerns. We will be glad to discuss it at the Board meeting and let you know our opinion. If you have a complaint, please use the complaint process also found on the front page of our website. We look forward to working with each of you to continue to make Lakeport Cluster a great place to live!

Board Positions

President – Carol Leos – 1957 Lakeport way

Vice President – Jonathan Hammer – 1949 Lakeport Way

Second Vice President – Stuart Allen – 11100 Lakespray Way

Secretary – Joy Myers – 1955 Lakeport Way

Treasurer – Dan Kilcup – 1917 Lakeport way

Thursday is Halloween. Lakeport will be visited by little Ghosts & Goblins for trick or treat. Please make sure that you drive slowly. Let’s all have a great safe time!!

The Lakeport Board

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