Update on New Community Dock

Exciting news! We now have engineering plans for our new community dock!

As you may recall, last spring a decision was made about the design for our new dock when Lakeport owners submitted votes for one of three options. The proposal that received the most votes had a floating dock (see above), and a version without the floating dock came in second place. Last fall an RFP was issued to develop engineering and permitting plans for the winning design, and in December the Board decided to engage J Beck & Associates to develop these plans. Based on very preliminary cost estimates from Jim Beck, the Board anticipates that we have enough in our Reserve Fund to pay for the new dock without needing a special assessment.

Once we receive DRB approval, an RFP for a construction firm to build the dock will be issued, with a request that the proposals include separate costs for the various components of the project. The new dock will be a little shorter than the current one but also a little wider. It will have benches, steps down to the water, and (if approved by owners) the floating dock to facilitate launching canoes and kayaks. The project will also involve replacing the current bollard lighting and adding some landscaping on the west end of the new dock (the dock and landscape committees will develop proposals for these two aspects of the projects).

If you are interested in learning more about the status of the new dock, the dock committee will hold a meeting Wednesday, March 22, at 7:00 p.m. at 1985 Lakeport Way. The meeting is open to all Lakeport owners and residents. A brief presentation, including a short history, a description of the new dock, and an outline of next steps, will be followed by a period for questions and answers. Discussions regarding lighting and landscape improvements germane to the dock project will also take place.  If you can’t make that committee meeting, please plan to attend a community-wide meeting later in the process where owners will hear an update and vote on approving the use of funds from our reserve account for this long-awaited project.

Although we are happy to be at this point in the planning process, there are still additional steps that need to be taken between now and when the new dock is built. We’ll need to get approval from Reston Association’s Design Review Board and a construction permit from Fairfax County before we issue an RFP to build the dock. Once we receive proposals we’ll have a final picture of costs. The dock committee will then review the proposals and recommend a contractor to the Board for negotiation and approval. The next step will be to hold a special meeting of all Lakeport owners to discuss the proposal, choose the preferred option (with or without floating dock), and vote on the use of Reserve Funds for this project.  If the project is approved, the selected firm will be hired to begin construction (we’ll notify the community when that will happen and of any possible disruptions associated with the work). Finally, after the new dock is finished, we’ll have a party to celebrate!

Our thanks to the Dock Committee—Chair Erin Cloney (who worked with Jim Beck to develop the plans, saving the cost of $500 for the CAD plans Erin created) and committee members past and present:
Stu Allen
Liz Blankespoor
Karen Cook
David Fleming
James Fulginiti
Jonathan Hammer 
Dick Laeser
Sandy Laeser
Carol Leos
David MacWhorter
Donald Nagley
Emmeline Ochiai
Paul Renard
Paul Thornton
Lani Seeley
Michelle Simoneau
Elena Simonenko

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