Design Standards Committee

By Kelly Driscoll, Chair

The Design Standards Committee is looking into options to amend the design standards to allow another option for front doors in Lakeport Cluster. Several homeowners have expressed an interest in replacing their front door but have been unable to find an option to match the original design with three glass panels. Reston Association wasn’t able to provide any specific guidance on a replacement door that would be approved by the RA Design Review Board.

If anyone is interested in working with the Design Standards Committee on this project or wants to contribute recommendations or ideas to the effort, please contact Kelly Driscoll ( The committee will need to identify a door design that is readily available and fits in with the existing designs. Once options are identified we’ll work with the Board to get more specific feedback from homeowners and submit a request to RA’s Design Review Board.

Door designs currently allowed by the Lakeport Cluster Design Standards
Phase 2 (Three Glass Panel Door)
Phase 2 (15 Panel Door)
Phase 1 (Solid Door)

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