Dock Update

The Lakeport dock project is proceeding with contractor proposals and selection. However, we did encounter an unexpected challenge that required additional design when a serious issue with the bulkhead adjacent to the dock was identified by Wayne Young (a Lakeport owner who has marine construction planning and engineering and environmental management experience). After Wayne alerted the Board to the major corrosion of the two metal pilings that hold the timber retaining wall in place, the Board forwarded Wayne’s report and photos to the engineer for the dock, who agreed that plans would need to be developed to shore up the bulkhead.

After consulting with the engineer and considering options, agreement was reached on a solution (proposed by Lakeport resident Paul Renard) to drive new wooden piles next to the failing metal piles. This solution is a low-cost, durable, and attractive option.

Current Status: The Board obtained a fourth strong proposal, based on information supplied by owner Carol Leos at Lakeport’s Annual Meeting. After the Dock Committee met and made recommendations, the Board selected two finalists and requested updated proposals, including remediation for the bulkhead designed by the engineer and Erin Cloney. Revised proposals were received recently, and a site visit for one of the finalists, reference calls for both, and a review by Lakeport’s property manager had previously been completed.

Pending: The Board is awaiting a review of the revised proposals by the engineer and Lakeport’s attorney and is scheduling a site visit with the second finalist to look at quality of workmanship. When these steps are completed and remaining concerns with the latest proposals have been addressed, we will get “best and final” proposals. The Board will weigh the relative merits of each, make a decision, and inform the community of the planned construction dates.

Ensuring that Lakeport has a secure bulkhead and that we have done due diligence in selecting a contractor for this major project are motivating the Board’s approach. We appreciate your patience as we work through the process and are particularly grateful for the contributions by the dock committee and the individuals mentioned above.

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