Thank You to Volunteers

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  • Wayne Young—for alerting Board to problems with the bulkhead and for a very thorough review of the proposals received
  • Paul Renard—for devising a solution for how to repair the bulkhead
  • Erin Cloney, chair of the Dock Committee—for quickly updating the dock plans to include the engineer’s new instructions for the bulkhead and for a very thorough review of the initial proposals
  • Carol Leos—for providing the Board with contact information for one of the finalists for the dock contractor
  • Members of this year’s Dock Committee (Erin Cloney, Evan Curt, Jonathan Hammer, Carol Leos, Kay Quam, Paul Renard, Lani Seeley, and Wayne Young)—for identifying issues with the dock proposals and providing feedback on the bulkhead
  • Pete Hatfield—for extensive efforts in planning and contracting the major tree trimming, for organizing the work day, and for driving clippings to the dump
  • Volunteers for the work day
  • Marilyn Bursch—for drawing attention to the fact that the photocells that controlled the timing of the street and bollard lights on Lakeport needed to be replaced
  • Dave and Liz Fleming—for hosting the August TGIF
  • Sandy Laeser—for hosting Halloween TGIF
  • Elena Simonenko and Annabelle Hammer—for rolling and filling doggie-bag stations
  • Annabelle Hammer—for keeping the community dock clean
  • Jonathan Hammer—for removing a broken bollard and installing the two temporary bollards
  • Stephen and Mary Sapp (with a major assist from their contractor houseguest from Florida)—for repairing rotten boards in the dock
  • Tom Barnett—for maintaining the website and online directory, sending announcements, and posting Ripples
  • Stephen Sapp—for editing Ripples
  • Chuck Foster—for ongoing reports for Neighborhood Watch
  • Liz Blankespoor—for organizing TGIFs and holiday lights competition
  • Carol Leos—for welcoming new residents

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