Lakeport Board and Committees

Board of Directors
Mary Sapp, President
Jonathan Hammer, Vice President
Kevin Burke, Vice President (read Kevin’s bio below)
Kay Quam, Secretary
Mary Ann Hoadley, Treasurer

Committees and Volunteers
  • Landscape Committee – Pete Hatfield, chair
  • Neighborhood Watch Committee – Chuck Foster, chair
  • Disaster Recovery Committee – Jerry Beiter, chair
  • Social Committee – Liz Blankespoor, chair
  • Standards Committee – Kelly Driscoll, chair
  • Welcome Committee – Carol Leos, chair
  • Dock Committee – Erin Cloney, chair
  • Book Club – Linda Rosenberg, coordinator
  • Webmaster and Listserv Administrator – Tom Barnett
  • Editor for Ripples, our community newsletter – Stephen Sapp
  • Fill doggie-bag stations and keep community dock clean – Annabelle Hammer
  • Monitor noise from shopping center and notify South Lakes Village management company – Kelly Driscoll

Here’s more about our newest Board member, Kevin Burke:

I am a native of Washington, DC, and have lived in Reston since 1974. My then-partner (now husband) Steven Browning and I moved to our home on Lakespray Way in 2002. Now that we are both retired, I have the time and interest to devote to the Cluster Association Board.

In terms of my professional background, I have bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English Literature from Villanova University. I have served as a policy assistant for two governors of Virginia and as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Legislation at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. For the last 15 years of my career, I was director of government relations for the American Academy of Family Physicians, a national association of physicians in general family practice.

My goal is to help the Board maintain the excellent standards of the Cluster Association and to learn more about the needs of our community.

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