Message from the President of Lakeport Cluster

By Mary M. Sapp

The Board has been spending a lot of time this fall on the dock and related bulkhead. Unfortunately, we experienced a delay after discovering that the bulkhead repair would be more complicated than originally anticipated (see the article on the dock for more details).

Another major project under way is for new lighting along the Lakeport walking path. An RFP for that work has been issued, and the Board anticipates calling a special meeting of owners in January to request approval for the lighting expenditure (Lakeport’s Handbook requires owner approval for any expenditure of Reserve funds over $15,000). In the meantime, the Board installed two temporary solar-powered bollards in place of two near the dock that were no longer working.

In light of the anticipated budget surplus this year, the Board decided to address some deferred projects that enhance common property. Five new photocells have been installed so that street and bollard lights will no longer remain on all day, thus saving us money on both electricity and bulb replacement. A number of trees have been trimmed or removed, and more will be taken care of next year. Three landscape projects to plant new trees and bushes will be completed shortly (junipers next to Triangle Park, two arborvitae on Lakespray, and a dogwood at the bottom of the Lakespray hill). The Lakeport Work Day added to the sprucing up, and Reston Association’s recent repaving of the walking trail has also improved the appearance of Lakeport common property. As mentioned at the Annual Meeting, the Board plans to investigate an interim repaving of our roads after work on the dock is completed.

Lakeport is getting into the holiday spirit with the recent Halloween-themed TGIF and the upcoming reprise of Lakeport’s Best Holiday Lights Contest, including prizes (see the Social Committee article for more details). Also, please be sure to read reports from other committee chairs on what their committees have been up to. Finally, please welcome our newest Board member, Kevin Burke, who lives on Lakespray Way (see the article with his bio).  

Happy Holidays to all!

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