Landscape Committee

By Pete Hatfield, Chair

C:\Users\Mary Sapp\Dropbox\Personal\Lakeport\Ripples\2017 Fall\photos\IMG_1645.JPGSeveral activities have taken place since the last Ripples: selection of a new grounds contractor (Blade Runner) at a significantly reduced cost; a contractor was selected to replace/replant junipers next to Triangle Park, plant two arborvitae trees on common property near the bottom of Lakespray as replacements for two dying Leyland cypresses, and plant a dogwood tree at the bottom of Lakespray; extensive common area tree trimming and dead tree removal; and a Lakeport clean-up day (thanks to all participants!).

The new grounds contract includes snow removal – never too early to prepare for that!

All activities were completed within budget. There is additional work to be done – further tree care and new dock landscaping, which we will address next year.

Thank you all for your patience, support, and participation.

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