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Image result for image for reminderViolation Letters: If you received a violation letter last fall for a problem with the exterior of your home and have not yet addressed the issue, please be sure to do so by April 1, the date to which the Lakeport Board authorized our management company to extend resolution of violations. If you have already resolved the issue(s), please notify SCS by e-mailing Alvaro Guerra at (a photograph showing the resolution should accompany your report).

Never Again Be Late Paying Your Quarterly Assessment: Did you know that you can pay your quarterly Lakeport Cluster assessment automatically and never have to worry about incurring late fees because you forgot to make the payment? In addition to sparing yourself the worry and hassle of making the payments manually, you save Lakeport Cluster Association over $36 a year in costs associated with sending out assessment notices. You can cancel the arrangement at any time if for some reason autopay doesn’t work out for you.

Please e-mail Alvaro Guerra, Lakeport’s Portfolio Manager, at or call him at 703-631-2203 to request the form to register for autopay.

Continuing Cleanup after Windstorm: Winter Storm Riley left a number of downed trees and large branches across our area (and beyond, of course), but we in Lakeport were fortunate that most of the impact on us was in the form of small branches and especially twigs. Quite a lot of this debris remains along our streets and sidewalks. It will help the appearance of our community if you can take a few minutes to sweep up the remaining twigs and put them out with your Thursday trash for collection. Thank you!

A Suggestion to Improve Lighting in Lakeport: A well-lit community is one of the most basic measures we can take to ensure the safety of our residents and our property. The Board has had the streetlights brought into good working condition and, as you know from the announcement of the upcoming Special Owners Meeting, will be replacing all the bollards in Lakeport soon.

One suggestion that has been made to further the goal of safe lighting is for residents to leave their lights on at night, especially those in end units with corner lights, which according to long-time Lakeport residents used to be standard practice. This is of course voluntary, but doing this small thing would be a gracious contribution to the overall safety and attractiveness of our community.

Reston Association Board of Directors Election: Online voting has begun! If you have chosen to receive your ballot materials by email (a great idea because it “helps the association reduce its election costs and environmental impact”), you should have received an e-mail earlier this week from RA containing a link to your personalized electronic ballot, which will also provide photos and personal statements from each candidate. Your ballot (online or paper) must be received by RA by 5:00 p.m. on April 2, 2018. You may call 703-435-6570 or email with questions or comments.

Julie Bitzer, our current South Lakes District Director, is running for re-election; her opponent is Tammi Petrine. Information about both candidates (plus the at-large candidates) can be found at

Hearings Canceled on PRC Zoning Ordinance Amendment: The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has postponed the scheduled dates for two public hearings on the proposed Planned Residential Community (PRC) zoning ordinance amendment:

The county is seeking to amend the zoning ordinance to allow for an increase in the number of residential units permitted within the PRC district. The current Reston PRC ordinance limits the population to 13 people per acre for properties within this zoning district. The county wants to allow for up to 16 persons per acre to add an additional 12,257 multifamily residential units. This growth is focused in the Town Center, Village Centers, and the Transit Station Areas (TSA) around the three Metro Stations.

Please monitor local news for the dates of the rescheduled hearings if you want to have a say in this important matter for the future of our community.

See “The Density of Reston” elsewhere in this newsletter for more helpful information on this topic.

Regular Trash Collection: If your trash or recycling is not picked up by 2:00 p.m. on a scheduled collection day, please call ADS at 703-388-0500 (also imprinted on the outside of your trash bin if you forget the number).

Dog Waste: If you see a dog walker who fails to pick up the dog’s waste, please remind the person that doggie bags are available at two stations on the walking path in Lakeport.

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