South Lakes Village Update

Members of the Lakeport Cluster Board recently had the opportunity to meet with Tom Regnell, President of the Chevy Chase Land Company, which acquired South Lakes Village last year. Mr. Regnell requested the meeting with the Lakeport Board to solicit ideas about how Chevy Chase could build relationships with Lakeport Cluster and be a positive presence in our neighborhood. He reported that the shopping center is 100% leased and continues to perform well as presently configured. Most significantly for our concerns, the company has no current plans for any additional development on the site. Mr. Regnell also sought our input on activities that could be introduced at South Lakes Village that would be of interest to our residents. He said he hopes the adjoining clusters (and indeed greater Reston) continue to support South Lakes Village by shopping there, which is the best way to ensure its continued success. The Lakeport Board made him aware of our concerns (possible redevelopment of South Lakes Village, noise, trash, vandalism, new landscaping) and shared thoughts on how we can jointly resolve issues of concern to the community.

We are fortunate to have South Lakes Village and Chevy Chase Land Company as our neighbors and are grateful to Tom Regnell and other members of his management team for their responsiveness to our concerns. We look forward to many years of continuing cooperation to enhance the quality of life for Lakeport residents and others in our neighborhood.

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