Board of Directors and Committees

Board Members
Mary Sapp, President
Kevin Burke, Vice President
Paul Renard, Vice President
Kay Quam, Secretary
Mary Ann Hoadley, Treasurer

Welcome to our newest Board member, Paul Renard!

Paul Holds a PhD in Human Development with an academic specialty in military history, engineering, and technology. He has spent nearly 50 years as a software development project manager, large scale Pentagon software engineering manager (where he directed the largest successful joint software project in DOD history), and general manager of worldwide telecommunications projects with a staff of 2,500.  He supported Special Forces troops with planning and mission delivery and also has hands-on experience with projects in the building trades (e.g., construction, drywall, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and painting) on a variety of major rehabs of three houses, on projects for Habitat for Humanity, and as a volunteer for other organizations. He has worked closely with an architect on residential structural design and problem-solving on four projects and assisted in planning and performed many outdoor engineering and landscaping projects with the Boy Scouts. He owns and manages a small consulting practice focused on DOD support and—following a decade with Virginia Tech University teaching education, history, and business practice—is currently a faculty member at the George Washington University School of Medicine, where he teaches courses on leadership and change management.

As you can see from his impressive credentials, we are delighted to have someone like Paul, with his wide-ranging background and experience, join the Lakeport Cluster Association Board of Directors!

Landscape Committee – Pete Hatfield, chair
Neighborhood Watch Committee – Chuck Foster, chair
Social Committee – Liz Blankespoor, chair
Standards Committee – Kelly Driscoll, chair
Welcome Committee – Carol Leos, chair
Dock Committee – Erin Cloney, chair
Disaster Recovery Committee – Jerry Beiter, chair
Book Club – Linda Rosenberg, coordinator
Webmaster and Listserv Administrator – Tom Barnett
Editor for Ripples, our community newsletter – Stephen Sapp
Fill doggie-bag stations and keep community dock clean – Annabelle Hammer
Monitor noise from shopping center and notify management company – Kelly Driscoll

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