Thank You to Volunteers

  • Paul Renard—for agreeing to serve as the point of contact for work on the dock; and to him, Jonathan Hammer, and MaryAnn Hoadley—for negotiating with VA Class A to finalize the contract for our new community dock
  • Erin Cloney—for updating several versions of the engineering plans and finalizing the quote for the floating dock 
  • Members of the Dock Committee (Erin Cloney, Evan Curt, Jonathan Hammer, Carol Leos, Kay Quam, Paul Renard, Lani Seeley, and Wayne Young)—for reviewing two final dock proposals, attending regular and special Board meetings to discuss them, identifying issues that needed to be addressed, and voting on the preferred choice  
  • Pete Hatfield—for overseeing planting of two giant green arborvitae to the left of 11129 Lakespray, planting a dogwood at the intersection of Lakespray and Lakeport, and removal of juniper stumps in Triangle Park; for submitting an application to RA’s Design Review Board for a fence behind 1966 Lakeport Way to try to reduce foot traffic from Lakeport to the Safeway parking lot in that area; and for earlier work with arborist to coordinate tree removal last fall
  • Terrill Evon—for helping to judge our holiday lights contest
  • Kevin Burke—for agreeing to serve as Lakeport’s point of contact for monitoring density issues
  • Jake Strickland – for helping to reseat storm drain grate vandalized by teenagers
  • Annabelle Hammer—for filling doggie-bag stations and keeping the community dock clean
  • Tom Barnett—for maintaining the Lakeport website and online directory, sending announcements, and posting Ripples
  • Stephen Sapp—for editing Ripples
  • Chuck Foster—for ongoing reports for Neighborhood Watch 
  • Liz Blankespoor—for organizing TGIFs and recent holiday lights competition
  • Barbara Khan and Linda Rosenberg—for coordinating the Lakeport Book Club
  • Carol Leos—for welcoming new residents

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