Monday, November 12, 2018

Lakeport Board and Committee Chairs

Board of Directors
Mary Sapp, President
Paul Renard, Vice President
Alison Yeloushan, Vice President
Kay Quam, Secretary
Kevin Burke, Treasurer

Committees and Volunteers
Book Club – Linda Rosenberg, Coordinator
Disaster Recovery Committee – Jerry Beiter, Chair
Landscape Committee – Carol Leos, Chair
Maintenance Committee – Paul Renard, Chair
Neighborhood Watch Committee – Chuck Foster, Chair
Social Committee – Diane Zoukis, Chair
Standards Committee – Kelly Driscoll, Chair
Welcome Committee – Carol Leos, Chair
Webmaster and Listserv Administrator – Tom Barnett
Editor for Ripples, our community newsletter – Stephen Sapp
Fill doggie-bag stations and keep community dock clean – Annabelle Hammer

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