Social Committee

October’s dock party turned out to be a great community event that allowed residents both to appreciate the improvements to the dock and the area around it and also to enjoy time with one another. Thanks to MaryAnn Hoadley (along with Sandy Laeser and Karen Cook) for coordinating and setting up for the party and to those who brought dishes to share and helped out in various ways.

We’re happy that Diane Zoukis will be Lakeport’s new Social Committee chair. She is already setting up a Holiday Progressive Dinner for the two buildings at the west end of Lakeport and will be happy to support efforts of others who want to set up their own progressive dinner. If you like parties or are interested in getting to know your immediate neighbors better, why not volunteer to help organize a progressive dinner this holiday season for the residents in your building and the one next to you and/or volunteer to host one of the courses: drinks/appetizer, main course (or two people could co-host this course), or dessert?

Diane also intends to organize a community-wide “block party” next year. If you couldn’t make the party to celebrate the dock, be sure to plan to attend Lakeport’s 2019 Block Party. In addition, she plans to continue the traditional TGIF gatherings. If you are willing to host a TGIF by providing the venue (with guests asked to bring wine, beer, or an appetizer) or if you’d like to join the Social Committee, contact Diane at

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