The New Lakeport Dock

For years, Lakeport residents have been looking forward to our new dock, and it is now complete! Kayakers and paddleboarders, picnickers, casual loungers, and Canada geese have all been enjoying the new structure. Happily, the geese seem to have confined themselves mostly to the new floating dock section, which is MUCH easier to clean than the old dock. Dip a broom in the lake, scrub a bit, and voila.

We’re in the last stages of getting the dock lighting in place with the bollard replacements, and this year’s landscaping is complete. In the late spring of 2019, we will be inserting water plants into the biologs to continue our eco-friendly restoration of the shore line, and we are working with Reston Association to have a trash can installed and maintained. A design for two new benches has been created but installation will be postponed until spring to avoid the impact of this winter’s weather. RA finished their paving the of the path next to the dock in time for the dock party in early October. That grand opening party was a big success and an opportunity for the neighborhood to view and enjoy the project—many thanks to Mary Ann Hoadley and others for organizing and supporting the event.

It was a long haul, but the end result is a beautiful dock that was built within budget and will be a Lakeport asset for the next 50 years. Thank you to the dozens of people who made this all possible!

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