Landscape Committee

By Carol Leos

A large purple flower is in a garden

Description automatically generatedLakeport has had a wonderful Spring cleaning, and many have expressed their satisfaction with the cluster's appearance.

The Board has developed a good plan for landscape management that will include more neighbors having input on the landscape maintenance of Lakespray and the four sections of Lakeport. Trudy Stevens will monitor the area from the entrance to Lakespray Way; Don Nagley and I will watch over Lakeport Way from Lakespray Way to the end of Triangle Park (the original section of the cluster); Gil Blankespoor will oversee the south end of Lakeport from Triangle Park to South Lakes Village; and Diane Scott and Alison Yeloushan will be responsible for the Lakespray Way area. Please consider offering your interest/expertise in landscape maintenance of the section of the cluster where you live (love). In particular, we need your help with the Spring Work Day on May 11 (meet in Triangle Park at 9:00 a.m.). Please let the Board know if you can help. 

Projects undertaken or planned this spring include the following:

  • Refurbishing plants on Lakespray: removed a large stump next to the turn-around, refurbished/added plants to the forsythia hedge nearby, and repaired and mulched a large juniper hedge at the top of the hill.
  • Adding new plants on Lakespray: two small juniper trees where the stump was and 11 new skip laurels (planted in December) to help screen South Lakes Drive, and astilbes and ferns at the top of the hill (thanks to owners Dev Bhosale, Allan Ho, Kevin Burke, and Alison Yeloushan for watering the new plants).
  • Evaluating new plants to replace those in the area next to the path near Lakespray where a hedge with canker was removed last year.
  • Working on storm-water mitigation.
  • A lot more tree removal and trimming (waiting on a second proposal)!
  • Removal of dead plants near the dock.
  • Several walk-throughs with Blade Runners, our landscape maintenance company, to evaluate various issues.

May we all enjoy the renewal of Spring!

Anyone who is interested in the care of our landscape is welcome to join the Landscape Committee. Also, if you have suggestions for needed landscape maintenance and/or enhancements, please communicate them to Landscape Committee chair Carol Leos at  

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