Standards Committee

By Kelly Driscoll

Proposed New Windows Standard

Lakeport will be submitting a new standard for windows that, if approved, will make it easier and less expensive for owners to replace their windows: 

Changes include the following:

  • In most cases, window frames should match the color of the trim: Sailcloth for Hardie siding (new), Amber White, or Wheat. But the standard also includes the following table of other pre-approved manufacturers and manufacturer colors (with recent additions and no deletions). IMPORTANT: If your window frames do not match your trim color or one of the other pre-approved window colors, you should notify the Board so your home can be added to a list of “grandfathered” exceptions. If you don’t have one of the approved colors and are not grandfathered, you will technically be out of compliance and might have to change your window color before you sell your home (note that this also would have been the case earlier, but this new standard provides a way for owners to avoid being out of compliance). 

  • Replacements and additions to windows and doors (other than front doors) require approval by the Reston Association Design Review Board (DRB). If you want to propose a new manufacturer or color, and the DRB approves it, the table of approved manufacturers and colors will be updated. 
  • Dimensions for new windows are not as strict as they were earlier: Outer frames can now be within 2” of the original size (instead of the earlier requirement of .5”), and specifications for other dimensions have been removed.
  • Additional windows can be installed, subject to certain requirements and DRB approval.
  • Replacements on a given side must all be the same brand (so there isn’t a mix of manufacturers on the same side).
  • Replacements must be of the same type of window (e.g., casement, fixed).
  • Insert windows and trim capping are allowed (not mentioned earlier).
  • Grids/mullions continue not to be allowed.

Four Updated Standards
Two other standards have been updated on the web to reflect changes that were made by previous boards and approved by the DRB but not included in the earlier online documents:

  • Decks: Gray colors are now allowed on front decks and walkways (with stipulation that front and back colors match), and Trex Transcends was added. Note Trex Accents (still listed) apparently has been discontinued. If you have that color and need to replace a deck board, you may still be able to find it at Lowes. 
  • House numbers: These are required over garages or carports for all homes, except for Phase 1 houses without a carport (where they need to be above the front entrance). Consult the Board before making any changes to your house number because this standard may be updated in the future. 

Two additional online versions have been changed:

  • There used to be two versions of the Outdoor Lighting standard. The old one was removed and only the new one remains.
  • Although no changes have been made to the content, the roofing standard has been reorganized to make the standard clearer.

Always check the Lakeport standards before starting any major repair.
See the Lakeport Cluster website for a list of standards that have been approved by the DRB (plus the new Windows standard being proposed). The second paragraph of this page has a link to Reston Association standards, which should be consulted whenever Lakeport does not have a standard for a particular topic. Read standards carefully to see if a DRB application (available on the cluster standards page) is required.

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