Maintenance Resources

By Kay Quam and Kevin Burke

Spring renovation season has clearly begun in Lakeport. It’s hard to miss the signs – contractors’ trucks everywhere, the sounds of sawing and of nailing roof shingles, the scent of new paint and mulch. The tasks may seem endless sometimes. That’s why we, as members of the Lakeport Cluster Board, put together a document that lays out the major components of Lakeport homes–inside and out–with typical time lines for their maintenance. We have posted this planning document and linked it to Lakeport Cluster’s website on the “Residents” webpage for your future reference. This is the first element of what we hope will be a helpful section on home maintenance issues.

The Board and the Maintenance Committee intend to add references to practical maintenance topics that are specific to Lakeport homes. In addition, we will continue to update the list of vendors who have worked on Lakeport homes and have the recommendation of our neighbors. We hope this will be a helpful addition to the Lakeport website and that you’ll let us know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

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