Social Committee

By Diane Zoukis

Spring has sprung here in Lakeport! Trees are leafing, flowers blooming, eyes watering, and lots of sneezing! All signs of spring! 
An email was recently sent out asking for a response on the best date in June to have a Community Block Party, and I received only 12 replies; so I have decided to hold off until September. I’m still looking for volunteers to help with this event so feel free to email me at   

The Easter Egg Hunt held on April 13 was a huge success! Thank you to Mike, Maithai, and Liam Gay and James Pan.

A group of people standing around a table

Description automatically generatedOn April 26, our neighbor MaryAnne Hoadley hosted our spring TGIF!! We were pleased to see many neighbors both new and old, and a good time was had by all!

Please consider having a TGIF at your place. The host provides the venue and the guests are asked to bring wine, beer, and/or an appetizer. What could be easier?! Lakeport TGIFs are just about getting together and providing a great way to meet your neighbors and enjoy a fun social event. Let me know at if you want to talk about hosting a TGIF.

Be sure to get out and enjoy our new dock and benches! There is so much to see on the lake! We have a Bald Eagle that has been visiting the lake often throughout the winter. Soon it will head off to its summer home (wherever that is!). The cormorants have been diving and roosting in the trees. The turtles are swimming and sunning themselves on logs, including the BIG snapper that likes to hang out behind my house. I love watching the Big Guy surface and disappear! He is the reason, however, I'm nervous about dangling my tootsies in the water!!! And of course, our resident geese have been busy nesting around the lake (and announcing the rising of the sun each morning—who needs roosters when we have our geese?!). Soon we will have a new generation of geese on Lake Thoreau!

If you’d like to join the Social Committee, have suggestions of community events you would like to see, or want to help with Lakeport events in any way, me at

Lakeport – A way of life!

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