Maintenance Committee

By Paul Renard

As the summer weather has gotten hotter, the maintenance committee has slowed down but not stopped. After last month’s workday, we’ve made some cosmetic repairs on the benches in Triangle Park, removed two dead laurel bushes, and watched our anti-erosion plantings near the dock thrive. Some ad hoc good citizens with brooms have also been keeping the new dock as free as possible from goose droppings—arguably the worst job in Lakeport. You may have noticed some new retaining walls around the neighborhood—landscape timbers and termites are a poor mix, so we’ll have more replacements needed in the future. No doubt you can look forward to another workday in the fall when the weather cools and vacations are over! We have about two dozen small dead trees marked for removal on Lakespray Way when we do more major tree work, so come out and help us clean up when we have a date set in the fall. E-mail for further information.

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