Landscape Enhancements

By Carol Leos

  1. Tree trimming has begun in order to maintain the health of our trees and ensure the safety of residents and their properties. Blade Runners will be here November 14 to trim large trees along our streets; so please be sure to move your vehicle if it is near one of these trees. 
  2. Blade Runners will also remove a hazard tree near a home on Lakespray Way (in addition to five they removed earlier) and trim an adjacent oak. See the “Fall Workday” article in Ripples for more details about the contributions of volunteers to Lakeport’s tree maintenance efforts. 
  3. To maintain the Reston tree canopy and to provide privacy and sound mitigation for neighbors, RA requires we replace any live trees that we remove. Two new American hollies and two native white fringe trees will be planted soon to replace hazard trees removed earlier this year.
  4. Native ferns will be planted to replace invasive English ivy removed earlier, and new river rocks will be added near the dock to improve the appearance there.
  5. Later this fall, a crepe myrtle near Safeway will be relocated as the first step in a project planned for next spring to replace a hedge of Japanese hollies that developed canker and was removed last fall.
  6. The water mitigation project affecting four homes on Lakeport Way and Lakespray Way is progressing.
  7. Leaf clean-up will be conducted three times this year by Blade Runners. We will have another collection this month and then again in December. Please be patient because we have many trees that continue to drop their leaves throughout the fall. 
  8. We are very grateful for our neighbors who have watered plants during the late summer drought and those who have given access to their water. See the “Thanks to Volunteers” article for more details.

Walking my dog Diamond every day, I enjoy the lovely gardens that individual neighbors have cultivated. May we enjoy a lovely Autumn.

A Post-Drought Poem
By Carol Leos

A soaking rain at last
To quench the thirst of trees, shrubs, and grass
Hopefully to bring bright, rich, colorful hues
Before radiant leaves adorn our Lakeport views!
May more showers come between the sunshine
Helping to create an Autumn brilliant and sublime!

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