Status of Lake Thoreau Pool

By Barbara Khan 

We learned a couple of years ago that some major structural problems had been identified in Lake Thoreau Pool. RA was able to do a temporary repair so the pool could remain open last summer, and they then arranged a new engineering study right after the pool closed to re-evaluate the issues (primarily deterioration of a 40-year-old timber retaining wall next to the lake that has led to cracks in the pool shell and deck slabs). Findings from this report were made public at an RA Board meeting on October 24. In response to concerns from residents, the RA Board affirmed that Lake Thoreau pool “will continue to be a Reston Association amenity.” However, it has been determined that the pool is not safe to use until the retaining walls can be replaced or remediated, which means the pool will need to be closed for the next two summers. RA will use the need to make major repairs as an opportunity to “reimagine” how the pool will be used and to develop a plan that incorporates features that the residents who use it want to keep and/or add (e.g., ADA compliance, hot tub, diving board, kiddie pool). Updates will be provided at (new documents will appear in the “Important Documents” section on the right side of the screen). If you have questions, you can email

RA held a meeting on November 4 to answer questions and obtain feedback from concerned residents. The report of the meeting can be found at

Lakeport Board Secretary Barbara Khan attended the meeting and provided the following report:

  • The schedule shows plan/design/estimate in 2020, with $350,000 allocated for that phase. Implementation will be in 2021, and the pool will reopen in 2022.
  • A number of questions were raised on why we can’t use the pool in 2020 since the project will still be in the planning phase, but RA stated strongly that there are safety/liability concerns about using the pool in 2020 as an interim convenience. Also, there are costs to open the pool, e.g., staffing and operations.
  • Community engagement will be solicited to give the pool characteristics that we want. This process will be about two to three months long.  
  • Other pools will be identified to support the typical needs for the users of Lake Thoreau Pool such as lap swimming, spa, and just “hanging out.” We expect that Hunters Woods would be the primary pool alternative, plus Lake Audubon, where hours might be extended to support users.

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