From the Editor

By Stephen Sapp

Yes, this is the Winter issue of Ripples, and no, this picture is not a photo taken last spring that I pulled from the archives! One of the challenges of publishing Ripples four times a year is finding current “seasonal” photos to illustrate the articles and to show our community at its best. Although this is the “winter” issue being published in late February and I would normally take advantage of a winter snowstorm to include a snowy scene, I couldn’t resist using this photo I took on February 17. Granted, it is not what one would typically expect to see as an illustration of winter, but I hope you enjoy this (very) early harbinger of spring!

If you see a particularly photogenic scene (a great snowscape, for example, or a wonderful fall display of color), please take a picture and e-mail it to me at, along with a simple statement of permission to use it in Ripples and/or on the Lakeport web site. I am also happy to receive any feedback or suggestions you have for our community newsletter.

Image result for images of caution signsI’m sure we are all pleased to see the new sidewalk on our side of Sunrise Valley Drive, which makes walking along that busy street much safer and more enjoyable. With the improvement, however, has come a downside that I want to emphasize because most of us turn into Lakeport from Sunrise Valley: One of our
residents reinforced the need to watch for pedestrians crossing the entrance lane from Sunrise Valley Drive into Lakeport by writing, “I have twice had to catch myself as people simply walked right in front of me, assuming I would see them” (or, I will add as happened to us recently, not even bothering to glance back over their shoulder before starting to cross Lakeport Way). She went on to point out that it can be hard to see people at night, especially if they are wearing dark clothing. The Board is working with the sidewalk contractor and VDOT to address the problem, but please be careful.

Enjoy reading all of the informative and useful information in this edition of Ripples, and let me know if there is something you would like to see in the next one!

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