Maintenance Committee

By Paul Renard

The Maintenance Committee has been busy this summer!

We have had several initiatives completed as we started to poke our heads outdoors again, and more are ongoing:

  • We are currently working on a “sign refresh” plan for the neighborhood and have received valuable input from the community that is helping us figure out what we can do and afford. Many thanks to Stephen Sapp, Jerry Beiter, et al. for removing the badly damaged signs near the Lakeport entrance. We expect to have other redundant signs removed soon and hope to have most signage replaced this fall; cost analyses are still ongoing. 
  • We just completed a project to fix the worst of the rotted timbers in the retaining walls between 1923 and 1925 Lakeport and are getting an estimate for complete renovation in the future (the repairs showed that almost all of the lowest level timbers for the walls are badly rotted, but’s that’s a task for a future year.)
  • We completed our first of what should be every-other-year resealing of the community dock to prolong the life of its surface decking at a cost much below replacement, which will be required if this task is neglected.
  • We filled the rot holes in the Triangle Park benches and sealed them with leftover sealant from the dock.
  • Other projects on the horizon: repairs to the entrance sign lights and many more.

If you’re interested in working on a project or want to suggest an improvement to Lakeport’s infrastructure, contact Paul at 1925 Lakeport.

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