Paving (Follow-Up Visit Saturday, August 28)

Lakeport’s Reserve Study identifies only two very expensive capital projects: replacement of the dock and repair of the adjacent bulkhead (done in 2018) and paving (just completed this year). During the 2020 Annual Meeting, owners approved a not-to-exceed amount of $156,000 for paving and concrete repairs. The good news is that the final cost was under $84,000, and going forward there will be a lull in spending of reserve funds for projects. In addition, everyone agrees the roads look great. The wonderful cooperation of residents in moving their cars (we didn’t need to tow any 😊) contributed to the project’s success. If you missed seeing all of the hustle and bustle, check out the photos above and at the bottom. 

As with most projects, we created a punch list, and Brothers Paving & Concrete Corporation will return Saturday, August 28 (rescheduled from earlier this month due to rain), to take care of several items. Most notable is that they forgot to install the speed bump at the top of the Lakespray hill, which helps slow down traffic in an area where children and dogs play. Please support your neighbors on Lakespray by leaving common parking spaces empty from this Friday evening to Saturday evening so they can move their cars there while work is being done. In addition, Brothers will paint the cross walk and stop bar at the entrance, closing one lane at a time; so please exercise care when entering and exiting Lakeport while that work is being done. 

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