Standards Committee

As you may recall from emails sent last month asking for owner feedback, Lakeport has developed revised standards for Exterior Lighting; Doors; and Gutters, Downspouts, and Downspout Extensions. These standards will be reviewed by Reston Association’s Design Review Board (DRB) on September 7, and the Lakeport Board will receive the decision letter from RA a week later. Once we have that letter, we’ll post the new standards on the Lakeport website and send an announcement to the community. 

We have also proposed changes to our current Deck standard. That proposal was reviewed by the DRB at their August 3 meeting. We are appealing the decision from that meeting because the DRB kept the requirement that owners must submit DRB applications for decks they plan to replace or repair if they wish to use a color that is not in the current table of pre-approved colors. We’ll let you know the results of the appeal when we hear. 

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