Thanks to Our Volunteers

Please be sure to thank your neighbors for their efforts to make Lakeport a better place for all of us to live. If you want to volunteer, let the Board or a committee chair know—it’s a great way to get to know people and to contribute to your community.

Landscape Projects 

  • Melanie Clement and Gail Pitches – for serving the past year-and-a-half as co-chairs of the Landscape Committee
  • Mary Sapp — for becoming the new Landscape Committee chair
  • Steven Browning, Melanie Clement, Don Nagley, and Elizabeth Pan – for joining the Landscape Committee as members
  • Melanie Clement, Gail Pitches, Heidi Warrington, and Rich Shelton – for conceiving, planning, constructing, digging, planting, and tending the Kids’ Garden and Little Free Library and making Lakeport Rangers badges for the children who helped
  • Kathy Babbitt, Dev Bhosale, Kristen Bobik, Steven Browning, Lynda Dendtler, David and Liz Fleming, Fatime Funk, Susan Kilcup, Clementine Kohlenberg, Sandy Laeser, Don Nagley, James Pan, Linda Rosenberg, Stephen and Mary Sapp, Michelle Simoneau, Trudy Stevens, Ashley Strickland, Rosemary Welch, and Adam Wilczewski – for working on the Kids’ Garden and/or donating books, plants, and gardening and construction supplies    
  • Phong Nguyen, Carol Leos, Chuck Foster, Paul Renard, and Kevin Burke and Barbara Khan – for working together to respond quickly to have the dangerous large maple tree limb in Triangle Park removed by noticing the problem, emailing the Board, putting up yellow tape, adding cones and signs and moving nearby cars, meeting with the arborist the next day, and being there for the removal of limb the day after that
  • Jonathan Hammer, Don Nagley, Paul Renard, and Mary and Stephen Sapp – for planting and watering grass seed by 1939 Lakeport Way
  • Melanie Clement and Tod Vollrath – for planting red cedar saplings by the Sunrise Valley guardrail and the fence next to 1907 Lakeport Way and spreading wood chips generated by stump grinding 
  • Stephen Sapp and Melanie Clement; David Fleming and Phong Nguyen; Henryk Gorski; Chuck Foster, Lynda Dendtler, and Rosemary Welch; and Steven Browning – for watering new plants at the entrance, liriope in Triangle Park and on the Lakespray hill, bushes by the Safeway wall, and plants near the Lakespray turnaround during the summer (Blade Runners is now watering most of these areas)
  • Sandy Laeser and David Fleming – for watering the Kids’ Garden


  • Michelle Simoneau – chair of the Social Committee
  • Tiffany and Adam Wilczewski – for hosting a very successful Pre-Fourth-of-July TGIF
  • Carol Leos – for welcoming new residents


  • Paul Renard – chair of Maintenance Committee and for working with contractors on maintenance projects
  • Paul Renard – for sanding and painting metal railings, replacing lightbulbs in the entrance, and repairing the wall and benches in Triangle Park
  • Tod Vollrath – for repairing the gap in the fence by 1907 Lakeport Way caused by the white pine that fell
  • Annabelle Hammer and Paul Renard – for keeping our dock clean
  • Annabelle Hammer – for restocking doggie-bag stations


  • Terrill Evon, Dave Fleming, and Pete Hatfield – for collecting ballots for the vote on Bylaws Amendments and proxies for the Annual Meeting
  • Barbara Khan – for updating the Lakeport Cluster Handbook


  • Kelly Driscoll – chair of the Standards Committee


  • Barbara Khan – for coordinating the Lakeport Book Club and reporting on the status of the Lake Thoreau pool
  • James Pan – chair of Neighborhood Watch
  • Tom Barnett – for maintaining Lakeport’s online directory and listserv for announcements and posting Ripples
  • Stephen Sapp – for editing Ripples

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