From the Editor

By Stephen Sapp

The leaves are turning, the temperatures are dropping, we have enjoyed wonderful Halloween happenings, another election has passed, Daylight Saving Time has ended, and we are gearing up for the major holiday season. Ah, yes, major changes are upon us once again.

One of these changes is that Lakeport Cluster has a new Board of Directors, led by long-time resident Chuck Foster, who replaces Mary Sapp as President after five years of her able leadership (yes, I know she’s my wife, but I am able to be completely objective here!). Chuck brings a wealth of experience and a great many skills and talents to the job, and Lakeport will continue to hum along smoothly under his guidance. Barbara Khan and Paul Renard remain on the Board, with Barbara replacing Kevin Burke as Treasurer (thanks, Kevin!) while Paul stays on ably overseeing maintenance projects. They are joined by Board newcomers Pamela Graulich and Jennifer Walter. If you don’t know any of these fine folks, please make it a point to meet them, thank them for their service, and offer any ideas you have to make our community an even better place to live, work, and play.

As always, if you have comments and/or would like to submit an item for the next issue, Winter 2022 (yes, another major change as the calendar soon rolls over to a new year!), please email me at

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