Message from Lakeport President

By Chuck Foster

On October 25, we had our first meeting of the new Board. The first order of business was to decide our roles. I remember being ready to volunteer for treasurer, secretary, or vice president, anything other than president. But, for some reason, after the discussion was over, I was president. Well, as I like to say about jobs like this, somebody has to do it and, for now, it is me. You should know that I am coming into this role cold. I have not served on the Board for over ten years so I face a long and steep learning curve. Fortunately, I have three things working for me. First, the new Board comprises a great group of people. I am confident these fine folks will skillfully and wisely assist me in carrying out my duties. Second, the outgoing and carryover Board members have been very helpful in this transition, and I expect to receive their ongoing support. Third, we have a great community spirit that motivates lots of folks to volunteer their time and talent to support various committees, projects, and activities. 

I have a few preferences to share. First, I believe strongly in prioritization. For the time being, I will be focused on trying to get the big stuff right. Until I am confident the Board is handling the major priorities well, other matters may have to wait. Second, I believe strongly in OPEN, DIRECT, and RESPECTFUL communication. If you have ideas or concerns, please, please, please share them with the Board. Of course, we cannot pursue every opportunity or address every concern, but we can try. And, of course, our decisions may not always please you. Importantly, if you have a problem with me or the Board, please share it. All I ask is that you remember that the Board is composed of community volunteers that you elected to office.  

I cannot overstate the accomplishments of the outgoing Board. The list is long and really impressive. It took tremendous effort, skill, dedication, and collaboration to deliver the major projects managed by the former Board. And, it is particularly important to recognize the personal contributions of Mary Sapp, the outgoing president. Her contribution can only be considered herculean. I consider Mary to be a once-in-a-generation president. I am very grateful for the high level of stewardship by Mary and the outgoing Board. 

In contrast to Mary, I don’t know everyone who lives in the cluster. I see lots of people outdoors, but I’m not always sure who is a resident and who is someone just passing through. If you see me (usually with Devin!) walking in the community, and you are so inclined, please introduce yourself if we haven’t already met. My job is to serve our community so it will help if I know the community!                                                         

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