Maintenance Committee

By Paul Renard

And Now . . . New Street Signs!

You may have noticed that our bent, rusted, and often redundant metal street signs and posts have been replaced with pristine new signs. We have installed eight composite signs made of 18-pound HDU plastic with a plywood backing for added stability, mounted on pressure treated 4”x4” wooden posts that should last about 30 years (see photos below). When a metal sign is damaged, nothing can be done about it other than replace it or live with the damage. Our new signs are somewhat repairable (a feature that will not be needed, we hope) and can be repainted in the future if they start to show wear.

We have been fortunate to work on this project with Clay Downing (, one of the very few local fabricators of this type of signs and one of the most responsive vendors we have encountered (hint: if you need an HDU sign or any other signage project, Clay is the man to call). With Clay’s help, we designed the replacements, obtained DRB approval, weathered delays caused by COVID and other illnesses, avoided seemingly endless Saturday rain, and finally had the signs installed on May 21.

Part of this project involved removing eight repetitive signs that had popped up at some point in the past and served no purpose; in fact, they had turned into eyesores. We hope that everyone is as happy about this improvement in our community as we on the Maintenance Committee are. Thanks to the Board for approving and supporting this project!

Signs as you enter Lakeport:

Other signs: two Stop signs, two pet signs, and a “Private Property” sign as people enter Lakeport from South Lakes Village

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