I Love Lakeport Day

"I Love Lakeport Day" was a big success. The morning was devoted to the Fall Workday that included several landscape projects involving around two dozen residents who cut down a dozen dead trees in wooded areas between the backs of Lakeport and Lakespray homes and along Lakespray Way and then created a huge pile of logs and brush that Blade Runners hauled away two days later. Note: The long logs have been cut into “fireplace size” pieces and some of those are still there—if you’d like some free firewood, please feel free to help yourself. Volunteers also trimmed overgrown bushes next to 11110 Lakespray Way in preparation for the recent storm water mitigation project and transplanted ferns from between the RA path and Sunrise Valley Drive, where they were being overgrown. 

Later in the day, the community enjoyed a dock party. Over 50 residents turned out for the event. The adults enjoyed the opportunity to visit with neighbors they already knew and to make new friends, and the kids had fun with the chalk, bubbles, and rock painting.  Many thanks to Shelby Friedel for organizing the event and to those who grilled and contributed side dishes and desserts.

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