Neighborhood Watch

By James Pan

An incident involving strangers peering into homes on Lakespray Way the night before Halloween has made a number of Lakeport residents more conscious of the need to improve their home security. This article describes steps you can take to improve your security (note that items linked below are not recommendations of specific products but rather are examples of the types of equipment recommended to enhance the security of your home).

1) Ring or Nest Doorbells and Internet-based Cameras: 

2) Exterior Motion Lights 

3) Self-locking Doorknobs 

4) Exterior Security Alert Yard Signs

As always, if you hear or see something suspicious, call 911. If you are concerned someone is breaking into your home, call 911 and secure yourself in your bedroom. If you can access your car alarm from your bedroom, activate it— the noise will call attention to your unit.

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