From the Editor

By Stephen Sapp

Yes, I know that this is the Winter issue of Ripples, and typically this column would be accompanied by a picture of a beautiful snow-covered scene in our community instead of spring flowers, but Lakeport’s daffodils have a different idea of the seasons, and this picture (taken on Valentine’s Day!) is a clear harbinger of what we can look forward to right around the corner.

In some ways, this situation can serve as a reminder that life in general often does not follow the pattern we expect it to (or hope it will). We think X is going to come as it always has, and all of a sudden we are confronted with Y. Or we’ve counted on Y because that’s what’s happened in the past, only to find X waiting for us this time. So let’s demonstrate our flexibility and resilience by getting outside a little sooner and enjoying the early spring in beautiful Lakeport with our neighbors!

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P.S. The cover picture for this issue is from the one noticeable snowfall we’ve had so far this winter, but in case you are missing the snow, below are some pictures from last winter’s issue to remind you of how lovely Lakeport can be when it snows!

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