Maintenance Committee Report

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By Jonathan Hammer, Chair 

First, many thanks to Paul Renard for his years of service as the Maintenance Committee chair.

You probably have noticed reduced goose activity in the dock area recently. This is due to the efforts of the Board and Landscape Committee to apply a non-toxic goose repellant on the grass which the geese feed on.  

Although we are hopeful that the repellant will provide a solution, we are concerned that the repellant alone will not solve the problem in the long-term. One of my first tasks as the new chair of Lakeport’s Maintenance Committee is, working with the Landscape Committee, to develop a comprehensive plan to address this ongoing problem. I suggest you read the article “Solving Problems with Canada Geese” elsewhere in this issue to learn about some of the steps we are considering to manage this issue. You will also find this link to contain a great deal of useful information:

Please feel free to use the broom and poop-scooper behind my home (1939 Lakeport Way) whenever you see that the geese have fouled the dock. The more people who participate in this effort, the less work it will be for any one person (it’s good exercise, meditative, purposeful, and soul-inspiring!).

Also, if you want to help with the Maintenance Committee’s regular activities, please let me know (

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