Lakeport Cluster Challenge

Fall is here at Lakeport and next Sunday we will be visited by little Ghosts & Goblins. As you walk through the cluster, you can see that many homeowners have decorated their areas for Fall and this upcoming ghoulish event.  So, we want to offer a challenge! Who in Lakeport will create the best decorated area? You will be judged on the creativity of following the theme of the season.  The judges will make their selection on Saturday night, October 30th. A Lakeport homeowner is providing the winning prize, thank you.

We encourage everyone to participate but this is strictly your choice and no homeowner fees will be used for the prize. We would ask that everyone remember that our little ones will be walking through the cluster Sunday night. So, please remember safety first. Let’s make sure that everyone drives a little slower Sunday. Also, if you are putting up lights (for this event) they should be taken down after Sunday (not longer than 15days).

We want to thank those that have already created a more festive community and the many more that will make this coming week-end a special Lakeport event.

David MacWhorter

President- Lakeport Cluster

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