Winners of the Lakeport Fall challenge “best decorated home”

Congratulations to the Pan’s at 1983 Lakeport Way, the Ipiotis at 1948 Lakeport Way and the Consiglio’s at 11123 Lakespray Way. Last Saturday and Sunday, many Lakeport homeowners walked through our neighborhood as judges to determine the best decorated home in our cluster. After the votes were submitted, recounted and then certified, we had a three way tie for best decorated home. We decided that all three homes should be honored as our winners.

We also want to thank our judges. They truly enjoyed walking through our community. They not only enjoyed the decorations but were reminded of the beautiful place that is Lakeport Cluster. To the winners and all those that decorated, we enjoyed your decorations and your contribution to making our community a better place to live.

Lakeport Board of Directors

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