When:  Friday, January 7
Where:  1999 Lakeport Way (near Safeway)
Attire/Theme:   Casual
Hours:  Come and go as you please, start time around 6:30pm, end whenever (or until the police come)
Food:  Bring an appetizer of any kind, no dinner will be served
Drinks:  Bring something to drink--soda, beer, wine, no open or cash bar will be provided (we are just providing the space!)
Activities:  Socializing, bring a musical instrument if you wish, demonstrate a talent if you have one (magic tricks are encouraged)
Guest Profile:  Children are welcome if they are supervised

We want to thank Marcy Foster for organizing and providing her home for the first 2011 Lakeport Gathering. This is a great opportunity for everyone at Lakeport to get to know your neighbors. We encourage you to join us on Friday January 7.  Have some fun and meet some great people.

We wish you a very Happy Year.

The Lakeport Board

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