Lessons from the Wind

The winds are blowing hard at Lakeport! We all know this makes it feel colder but the real problem is anything loose also gets blown around. Since Lakeport does not have a litter pickup service, it is up to you or your neighbors to keep our Cluster clean. We thank everyone that picks up the trash but here are a couple of things that can cut down on the litter.

We should all use the Trash Containers provided by American Disposal. Because the wind can blow over the containers, please use sealable trash bags. When you put out your Recycle Bins, please make sure papers and loose items are secure. Today, the wind blew newspapers (that were put out for Recycle pickup) through the Cluster that other neighbors had to cleanup. If we spend a little more time securing our trash, we can eliminate most of this problem.

We thank you for being a considerate neighbor and making Lakeport a better place to live!

The Lakeport Board

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