2011 Spring Walk-Through

The Spring Walk-Through will take place on Wednesday May 18th.  This annual event is managed by your Board with the assistance of our Management Company, Loudoun Management Associates (LMA).  The purpose of this walk-through is to identify any homes that are non-compliant with our standards and/or have a negative impact on the quality of our community.

Your Board believes that one of our primary responsibilities is help maintain and enhance the quality of Lakeport Cluster. We are sure we can all agree that we want to maintain this beautiful community and see our homes increase in value.  This walk-through is an important part of the process to meet those goals.  It is also extremely important that each homeowner takes responsibility to resolve any identified issues.

On the Lakeport Website www.lakeportcluster.org there are two very important sections. The link labeled “2006 Handbook” (top right side of the welcome page) explains the guidelines we all agreed to follow when we became Lakeport residents.  The link labeled “Cluster Standards” (middle left side of the welcome page) provides the process for following the standards established by the Reston Association (RA).  Lakeport has pre-approved standards from RA that must be followed by Lakeport homeowners.  We recommend that everyone take a little time to review these items.

These rules and standards, which are not onerous, were developed with the intent of maintaining the quality of Lakeport.  RA says it best: “In a planned community such as Reston, with areas of closely spaced housing, a degree of consistency and continuity in appearance of cluster housing enhances its overall appearance and maintains individual property value. Predetermined cluster standards can help to mitigate the physical impact of changes upon neighboring properties.”

During the May 18th walk-through, the exterior condition of each home will be examined and any issues will be noted.  If an issue is identified, the homeowner will receive a letter from LMA with a picture of the issue and a timeframe for resolution.  The timeframe will depend on the issue.  The Board will work with the homeowner if a reasonable amount of additional time is needed.

The following are examples of issues: (1) home not being maintained, such as rotting trim/siding and/or the need for staining and/or painting; (2) non-standard exterior items, such as non-approved lights and/or the use of the wrong color of paint or stain; (3) exterior appearance, such as a trash container left outside; and, (4) items left outside or the need for a general clean-up.

Your Board appreciates your commitment to maintaining the beauty and value of Lakeport Cluster.  If you have any questions, read through the Website and send us your questions at board@lakeportcluster.org.  We will be glad to help.

The Lakeport Board

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