Letter from the Easter Bunny

My friends at Lakeport Cluster,

It is not my normal practice to write a thank you letter to a community. You can imagine how many communities I visit during the Easter weekend. So many that I took a couple days off to rest.  I just got back from South Beach well rested but I’m late sending this letter.

Lakeport is on the top of my list of communities for “Best Easter Egg Hunt”. I think everyone had a “hopping” good time, if I say so myself!

You had 25 to 30 kids looking for over 350 eggs. You also had over 50 adults watching everyone have a great time!

Now I couldn’t have pulled this off without a lot of help. So, thank you James and Holly Pan for making this happen. You made this one of the best neighborhood events at Lakeport!

I also want to thank Henry, Lani, Erin, EJ and Holly & James for putting chocolate treats in many of the eggs. I’d like to thank Karen Cook and all those who helped to manage/control the hunt. Christina and two other couples (Sorry, I’m not good remembering names) also brought additional eggs for the kids to find.  A new couple to Lakeport brought real eggs which was a special treat when one was found. Since they were German (I think?) I was hoping for Kinder Eggs (I love toys in my eggs) but that’s a different story. I’m thinking next year we should start a tradition of having the kids dye eggs the day before the hunt! Now that’s a “Hare” brain idea!

While Easter is my big day, I’m thinking it must be great to live in such a great community with such nice people.

So, till next year, thanks for making Easter such a great day.

The Easter Bunny

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