Movie Night Success! May 28th

We want to thank the Pan Cook Production Company. Saturday night was the first movie night of the season. By all accounts it was a great success. There was a question about the weather but the stars came out by the start of the movie. There was a good turnout (40 to 60 people) that not only enjoyed a good movie but enjoyed spending time with great neighbors. We had boats anchored near the dock and families on the lawn and by the dock to watch the movie.  People brought snacks and drinks and rumors of some good wine may also be true. The projection and sound system quality was very good. Seems everyone had a good time!

The Pan Cook Production Company was made up of some very special people that made this event happen. While they will say it was a group effort, we want to say a special thanks to Karen, James, Erin, Lani and Michelle. We are all looking forward to the next Lakeport Movie Night.

 This is just another reason why it is so great to live at Lakeport. Thanks!

 The Lakeport Board

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