Lakeport Summer Landscaping Challenge

It’s now officially summer at Lakeport!  Spring started out with a lot of rain and then came the hot weather which is not prefect for our landscaping. However, as you walk around our community, you see a lot of beautiful landscaping both in our common areas and many of our homes. We thank all those green thumbs for making our community look so great.  With that in mind and thanks to one of our homeowners, we want to create the Summer Landscaping Challenge. Who has the best green thumb? Who is most creative with mulch? Who has the best presentation? Are you up for the challenge?

We all have small areas in front of our homes. So, anybody can win. The rules are simple. Just impress the judges and get their votes. You can go to your favorite garden store to select your plants (many are now on sale) or let them make the selection. You can ask for help! Call your mother or maybe another family member or anybody you know who can help you win. Call in a professional or just do it yourself.  You never know what you can do with a few plants, a bag of mulch and water every couple of days. You could win. If not, it looks good and you help to improve our community. So, we will all be winners.

This will be an entire summer challenge. We will judge everyone’s landscaping twice. The first time will be right after July 4th and the second time will be right after Labor Day. To be one of the winners, you have to have the highest combined scores from the two judging periods. Yes, we said winners; the top two homes will win! We hear rumors that the winners will get gifts certificates to Cafesano and/or Starbucks.

So the challenge is on. If you have already planted or need to pull out some weeds, let’s get started. Check out the competition. You have all summer to add new and different plants. If you see a neighbor with great landscaping, knock on their door and let them know. We have a lot of great people at Lakeport and this is a great way to meet them. Who knows, they may help you with your landscaping or better yet you could make a new friend!

Happy planting!

The Lakeport Board

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