Movie Night is back! August 6th

Pan Cook Productions is proud to announce that Movie Night at Lakeport is back.  We know that many of you enjoyed our last movie night.  So tell your friends and neighbors on August 6th at the Lakeport common dock at 8:15PM we will be showing Star Wars - Episode 4 - A New Hope.

Here are the details. Everyone is invited. That means all Lakeport residents, family near and far, friends no matter were they are from and most importantly we are very kid friendly. Last movie night we had grandchildren, neighborhood kids, and many visitors. This is meant to be a very family oriented event but that also means that older kids (say 30 plus) should invite their friends and have a lovely evening under the stars. You have two options. You can watch on land (bring a blanket or chairs) or on the lake. If you select the lake, you may want to bring a boat but that’s your option.

You may want to bring some snacks and drinks.  That is totally up to you. The old kids (21+) have been known to drink a bottle or two of wine but its dark so who knows! The screen is large so everyone will easily see the movie. The sound system is good but you can also tune-in on FM Frequency 88.1 of your radio to hear the movie.

We are also planning two more movie nights, one in September and another before Halloween. This is a great event that everyone has enjoyed. We hope that you can attend.

The Lakeport Board

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