December Holiday Decoration Contest

The holiday season has started and Lakeport residents (once again) have decorated their homes. We would like to announce the “December Holiday Decoration Contest”. We ask residents to judge the Lakeport homes during the weekend of December 24th. You still have time to add a couple of strings lights, blow-up Santa’s or anything to help win the biggest contest of the year.

Already, many homeowners have decorated their homes (taking advantage of the warm weather) but that doesn’t mean you can’t add those creative ideas that could put your home over the top. You may want to walk around our community and checkout the competition. How many communities have an alligator pulling Santa’s sleigh? Is that Santa’s hat in the alligator’s mouth? We have boats with lights, holiday tunes playing every night and tons of lights but we could always have more!

This is the best time of the year and Lakeport is making it even more festive with our decorations. We thank those that have brightened our lives and our community.

Fact of the Day

The winners of the Halloween contest were the Fleischer’s at 1953 Lakeport Way. Congratulations!

The Lakeport Board

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