Happy Holidays

We want to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Once again, Lakeport is a blaze of Holiday lights. No matter your religious belief, just pulling into our community has to warm your heart.

Starting now until Sunday night, we ask everyone to vote for the “December Holiday Decoration Contest” winner. To be a judge is very easy and you will have a great time. The best way to judge the winner is a quick and fun walk around our community. Once it’s dark, stroll around Lakeport. Don’t forget Lakespray or the trail near the common dock. There are some nice decorations on the homes facing the common dock.

Some people walk with neighbors, some with friends or others make it a family event. You will have a great time trying to select the winners. We ask you to select your top three winners. No rules. Just choose who you think was 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Email your results to board@lakeportcluster.org.

The winner has bragging rights for the year and a gift certificate to a local restaurant. In a way, we are all winner because Lakeport makes your winter holiday a little brighter. We thank those that decorated their home. You have brought a smile to all of us.

Fact of the Day.

Lake Thoreau has a normal maximum depth of 38 feet with a water volume of 26.5 million gallons.

We wish everyone a great weekend.

The Lakeport Board


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