Lakeport became “WoodStock” on Saturday evening!

On May 19th Lakeport was transformed by an evening of music for all ages. We had a great group of people that enjoyed the live band and spending time with neighbors. We have received a lot of positive feedback and want to thank those responsible for this event.

The Babbitt production company was responsible for the creation and managing this event. We thank Kathy Babbitt (1923 Lakeport Way) and Sandy Laeser (1977 Lakeport Way). Great idea, great planning, great set-up and a great event, Thanks!

The band BACK-N-TIME was a big reason why this night was so successful. They are true professionals that know how to cater their music to their audience and are just darn good! Plus, they really do know how to enjoy themselves! We want to thank them for volunteering their time. If you know anyone that needs a live band, tell them about BACK-N-TIME.  I’m sure they would like to be paid and will make any event special. Dan Kilcup (1917 Lakeport Way) is the drummer for BACK-N-TIME plus a Lakeport Board member. We appreciate all your efforts, Dan. If you would like to see some pictures of Saturday night go to Click on the music tab and go to the bottom right of the music page. This website will also provide information on Dan’s many talents and how to contact BACK-N-TIME for a booking.

We are happy that so many residents enjoyed our Saturday evening event.  This is just one more reason why it is so special to live at Lakeport Cluster.

The Lakeport Board

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