Big Lakeport Weekend on September 21st to 24th

Summer will soon be over and hopefully the hot humid weather. We have scheduled a big weekend at Lakeport. Make sure you join all the events.

We will start off on Friday night September 21st with another famous Lakeport TGIF party. These parties are always a lot of fun. This is a great way to meet new neighbors, says hello (in person) to those people you wave to in their cars, and reconnect with a lot of great Lakeport residents. Our hosts for this party are brand new Lakeport homeowners. Tom Barnett and Joy Myer live at 1955 Lakeport Way. The party will be from 6:30 to 9PM. Please bring a beverage and snack and get ready to have a great time with two very nice people. Tom and Joy have a dog and cat, in case you have allergies. See you there.

On Saturday morning, September 22 we will have the Lakeport Community Wide Yard Sale. This is a great opportunity to clear out all that extra stuff in your home. We would like a couple more residents to join us by having a yard sale. It’s a lot of fun and you will have more room in your home. More information to come!

On Monday evening, we will have our Annual meeting at 7PM. The Lakeport By-Laws state that this year three Board members’ positions are open. To keep the Lakeport Community a great place to live, we need a strong Board. It is also important to have all five positions on the Board filled, not just to share the Board workload (a couple of hours a month) but to provide the ideas to keep the value of our community. As homeowners, we have a responsibility to this community. Please make the decision to run for a Board position. Send us an email at and say I’ll run for the Board.

We wish everyone a very happy Labor Day weekend.

The Lakeport Board

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