Beware…Check your Outside Faucets

Yesterday, Lakeport Residents woke up to a flooded lower level in their home. This was caused by a pipe to the outside rear faucet that burst due to the cold weather. They were fortunate that the damage was limited and most of the water went outside their home. They were also lucky it wasn’t the pipe to the front outside faucet and they were home this weekend.  In either case, they could have had a lot more damage.

The homeowners knew where the shut off valve was located and turned off the water to both the front and rear outside faucets and purged the water from the pipes. Please learn from their mistake and weatherize those pipes/faucets at your home! We would hate for any of you to needlessly face this mess and anxiety.

Here are the steps to winterize your outside faucets.

  1. Locate and turn off the shut off valve for the pipe to the outside faucets. The shut off valve should be near the main line coming into your home.

  2. Open the outside faucets. This will help to drain the water.

  3. If you have a hose, make sure it’s detached from the faucet. Try to remove any water from the hose so it won’t split.

  4. Leave the faucets open. Any water left in the lines that freezes will have a place to go.

  5. If you have a problems or not sure what to do contact the Board at . We will help.

Have a great week--stay warm and dry!

The Lakeport Board

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