A Couple of Items

Second Leaf Pick-up

On Wednesday December 5th, Genesis, our landscaper, is scheduled to make the final leaf pick-up for this season. Weather conditions or delays at other communities may change the date to Thursday December 6th. Genesis will pick-up the leaves from common areas that include streets, parking spaces, sidewalks, mulched areas, and grass areas. They will not pick-up leaves from wooded areas or homeowners’ property. This weekend the weather should be good for removing the remaining leaves from your property. Please bag these leaves and put them out with the trash on Monday or Thursday. Do not rake the leaves into the wooded areas. Those piles could create a home for unwanted pests in the common areas.

December Holiday Decoration Contest

The holiday season has started and Lakeport residents (once again) are decorating their homes. We would like to announce the “December Holiday Decoration Contest”. We will ask residents to judge the Lakeport homes during the weekend before December 24th. You have plenty of time to add a couple of strings of lights, blow-up Santa’s or anything to help win the biggest contest of the year. Already, many homeowners have started decorating their homes or will take advantage of this weekend’s warm weather. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create new ideas or more lights that could put your home over the top. During December, you may want to walk around our community and checkout the competition. Last year (every year), one homeowner had an alligator pulling Santa’s sleigh on their roof. We had boats with lights, holiday tunes playing every night and tons of lights but we could always have more this year!

Reston National Golf Course

The owners of Reston National Golf Course want to create a residential area to replace the golf course. As you know, the golf course is on Sunrise Valley and would add a lot of additional homes. Many Reston residents and Reston Association are trying to stop this action and save the green space. If you want to learn more about this situation please go to www.reston.org on the home page look to the left side under Quick Links, Golf Course Zoning Appeals Updates. If you want to get involved, you have many options. Here is an easy option. Reston resident, Lisa White mail@change.org started this petition "Fairfax County Board of Zoning Appeals, Virginia: Stop the proposed development of Reston National Golf Course in Reston, VA," which you can sign (if you want too!) on Change.org. http://www.change.org/petitions/fairfax-county-board-of-zoning-appeals-virginia-stop-the-proposed-development-of-reston-national-golf-course-in-reston-va-3?utm_source=supporter_message&utm_medium=email They have had a great response since starting this targeted petition drive on November 17th. They have set a new goal for 3,500 signatures by December 9th. You can follow their actions on www.facebook.com/RescueReston for updates.

The Lakeport Board

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